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Born in Lodi, CA, DYLI, the talented singer and songwriter, spent most of her life immersed in the vibes of Stockton, CA. It

was here, among the diverse sounds and influences of the city, that her deep-rooted connection to music blossomed. The artist recently relocated back to her hometown, a move marking another chapter in her ever-evolving journey, one that is as much about her personal growth as it is about her musical evolution.

DYLI was a child of melody and rhythm from the start, strumming the guitar by the age of six, a prelude to a future deeply

intertwined with musical expressions. Her single "18+" remains a milestone, marking her coming of age as a songwriter who writes lyrics that are not only profoundly personal but universally relatable. The artist's latest release, "Tokyo," is another

energetic anthem encapsulating her ambitious goals and the relentless drive to transcend the mundane.

With a decade of experience already under her belt, DYLI stands as a testament to the beauty of evolution, marking her space in the music world with lyrics that are as real and raw as they are poetic and profound. Every song is a glimpse into a

soul that has grown up amidst melodies and harmonies, continually finding its voice in the symphony of sounds that is life.





Justin OByrne


Justin & Dawn OByrne

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